Week 42 summary

School this weekend.. Almost done.

Monday started with a 9K run. Tuesday deadlifts and bench press at the gym.

Wednesday 25K on the bike at the gym. Thursday deadlifts and bench press at the gym. 

Friday and Saturday mobility, stretching and anatomy theory at school. 

Sunday started with a 500m swim and homework. 

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 41 summary

OCR training…

Monday was rest day with an evening walk with the dog. Tuesday running for an hour on the treadmil.

Wednesday off to the swimming hall finishing 750m in 25min. Thursday biking 24K.

Friday was a visit to Skillz Gym training on some obstacle racing. 

Saturday was rest day with a walk with the dog.

Sunday was long distance day on the bike, did 50K in just under 2h.

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 40 summary

Fitness tests at school..

The week started quite slow with longer walks on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday I was back at the gym biking an hour and Thursday I tried swimming with shorter breaks in between the laps. Was able to focus on the technique for 500m before it started to fail and I went for the jacuzzi.

Friday was a full day of fitness tests at school. 1RMs, Cooper test, beep test and muscle endurance was some of them.. Score good on the aerobic tests and not that good on the strength tests, although I was able to get a new PB in deadlifts.

Saturday was anatomy and physiology theory at school followed by a walk in the evening. 

Sunday evening finished the week with a 36km bike ride at the gym. 

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 39 summary

The toughest weekend

Monday started with a swim followed by a run on Tuesday.

Wednesday was yoga and Thursday rest day.

Friday morning, traveling to Copenhagen and mostly walked around the city.

Saturday it was the Toughest competition. Finished in 1:31:34.

Sunday was walking around in Copenhagen and traveling back to Helsinki.

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 38 summary

Getting back..

This week was about getting back to the training program, but my body had other thoughts.

Monday evening I got fever and was resting through Wednesday. On Thursday I went for a walk and did some stretching and yoga which felt quite ok so I tried going to the gym on Friday. I think I pushed it a bit to much and the heart rate didn’t come down that fast after the session. 

Saturday was a slow run for 30min followed by and hour of biking, still the heart rate was quite high. Sunday was again walking and yoga to recover. 

Next week is the last race of the year, Toughest in Copenhagen

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 37 summary

A week of traveling.

Monday started with an hour run on the treadmill. Tuesday evening 20 laps in the swimming pool.

Wednesday and Thursday there was no training due to traveling and Friday and Saturday was again school.

Sunday we celebrated my wife’s birthday with a longer run and ate a nice dinner. 

Next week there is no school and hopefully I’ll be able to stick to the training program.

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 36 summary

Tough weekend!

On Monday was another swimming session and Tuesday a gym session.

Stationary bike on Wednesday evening and rest day on Thursday. Friday evening was a slow running session. 

Saturday was spent at the Tough Viking competition supervising the last obstacle.  Great performance by all the participants! 

Tough Viking 2016
Tough Viking 2016

Sunday was rest and doing some school work. 

Next week we will shift the training focus towards running again.

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 35 summary

Nutrition weekend!

Monday was as usual swimming. Did 20 laps freestyle without any problems, progress.

Tuesday running around 8K and Wednesday gym. Thursday was rest day and Friday school day.

Saturday back to school and in the evening 1h on the bike at the gym.

Sunday morning walk with the dog and in the evening another walk. 

Next weekend is Tough Viking where I will be supervising the fire fighter obstacle. Are you tough enough? 

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 34 summary

Another weekend of school.

Monday it was back on the schedule with swimming, followed by gym on Tuesday. Wednesday evening was busy from work so biking was left to Thursday.

Friday another gym session while Saturday and Sunday was spent at Fressi attending a weekend course for Running Trainers.

Hope all of you had a great week!

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 33 summary

Recovery and school.

That the main agendas of this week. Monday and Tuesday I went for an hour walk in the evening and did some foam rolling for the legs to speed up the recovery. 

Wednesday I was on a business trip and got in some walking and swimming, Thursday was another evening walk.

Friday and Saturday was school days with focus on cardio and different types of exercises. Felt a bit in the calves on Friday but on Saturday there were no problems.

Sunday morning was again a longer walk and some reading up on next weekend’s class.

Will finally get back to the program next week and hopefully be able to stick with it a bit better for the coming weeks.

// Sebastian Sandell