Week 48 summary

Party and exam week

Monday started with a weight training session after the flu. Didn’t feel that great so I took another rest day on Tuesday. Wednesday run on the treadmill felt better and the HR was at a good level.

Thurday evening was reading up on anatomy exam for Saturday while Friday was company Christmas party.

During the Christmas party I was awarded “Healthy Living Promoter”. It felt nice to be acknowledged for something you really believe in and inspire people to live a healthier life.

Saturday was busy with exam in the morning, gym in the afternoon followed by sushi buffet and visit to the cinema.

Sunday was another rest day after 12h of sleep. Three weeks to Christmas, last weeks of training for the year.

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 47 summary

This week went fluently by..

Monday started with 7K run on the treadmill followed by some grip strength exercises.

Tuesday was rest day before the company fitness test that I had on Wednesday. All the results were excellent and 4 years of running has paid off well on the cardiovascular system.

Thursday however was not well, seems that the flu had spread to me as with many others now. The rest of the week there was resting up…

Saturday morning was also the Nutrition exam for the Personal Trainer certification, went worse than expected but should be able to pass it. Next Saturday is the Anatomy exam.

Sunday evening and feeling better. Going to try running tomorrow and see how it feels.

Hope your week was better than mine!


// Sebastian Sandell

Week 46 summary

Biohacker summit 2016

This week has been hectic with planning and preparations for the Biohacker Summit here in Helsinki.

Monday started with a 10K run on the threadmill. Tuesday was rest day from exercise and focus on the conference on Friday.

Wednesday another run, this time 7K and some core stability. Thursday was gym day with deadlifts and bench press.

Friday was spent at the Biohacker Summit the whole day making sure that the thermogenic spa was working.. A great event with awesome people!

Saturday half an hour on the bike and some core and back exercises.

Sunday cleaning day and Squats and Bench on the agenda at the gym.

All in all a successful week. 

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 45 summary

Personal Trainer use case started..

This week my client started her 12 week training program towards a half marathon and later on a full marathon.

Monday started with cardio at the gym followed by resting on Tuesday. 

Wednesday was another cardio session at the gym.

Thursday I was coaching at the gym for a deadlift and bench press session.

Friday school day which ended with a deadlift session.

Saturday school again and upper body session at the gym.

Ended the week with a squat session and bench press.

First week went well for my client, this is going to be great! 

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 44 summary

First PT client for 12 week program..

Monday started with a 7K run in 42min. Tuesday gym session with focus on deadlifts. New PB on 115kg.

Wednesday and Thursday were rest days with 1h walk with the dog.

Friday was squat day at the gym with 75kg on the barbell.

Saturday swim and a new PB on 1K crawl in 33min.

Sunday was test and planning day for my first PT client. 

Cooper test
Cooper test

Tomorrow the work starts, 12 weeks of focused training and follow up. Good luck! 

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 43 summary

Began this week with some swimming, 750m in 25m without being exhausted at the end. Technique is coming along, just have to learn to swim slower.

Tuesday was a gym session with focus on deadlifts. 3 x 1 x 100kg working sets.

Wednesday through Friday was more or less rest with an interesting lecture on Triathlon.

Saturday back at the gym with focus on Squats. 3 x 1 x 70kg working sets.

Sunday bike and run to try out how it feels to switch from biking to running. Went OK, but then again the effort on the bike and run was still aerobic work. 

Next week will hopefully be less rest and more running.

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 42 summary

School this weekend.. Almost done.

Monday started with a 9K run. Tuesday deadlifts and bench press at the gym.

Wednesday 25K on the bike at the gym. Thursday deadlifts and bench press at the gym. 

Friday and Saturday mobility, stretching and anatomy theory at school. 

Sunday started with a 500m swim and homework. 

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 41 summary

OCR training…

Monday was rest day with an evening walk with the dog. Tuesday running for an hour on the treadmil.

Wednesday off to the swimming hall finishing 750m in 25min. Thursday biking 24K.

Friday was a visit to Skillz Gym training on some obstacle racing. 

Saturday was rest day with a walk with the dog.

Sunday was long distance day on the bike, did 50K in just under 2h.

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 40 summary

Fitness tests at school..

The week started quite slow with longer walks on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday I was back at the gym biking an hour and Thursday I tried swimming with shorter breaks in between the laps. Was able to focus on the technique for 500m before it started to fail and I went for the jacuzzi.

Friday was a full day of fitness tests at school. 1RMs, Cooper test, beep test and muscle endurance was some of them.. Score good on the aerobic tests and not that good on the strength tests, although I was able to get a new PB in deadlifts.

Saturday was anatomy and physiology theory at school followed by a walk in the evening. 

Sunday evening finished the week with a 36km bike ride at the gym. 

// Sebastian Sandell

Week 39 summary

The toughest weekend

Monday started with a swim followed by a run on Tuesday.

Wednesday was yoga and Thursday rest day.

Friday morning, traveling to Copenhagen and mostly walked around the city.

Saturday it was the Toughest competition. Finished in 1:31:34.

Sunday was walking around in Copenhagen and traveling back to Helsinki.

// Sebastian Sandell